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8 months ago today I woke up to what I thought was gonna be a normal day. Today, I think about how much that day changed my life. 8 months ago I was so unaware that I would get a comment on a post from someone who would soon turn out to be one of the, if not THE most important person in my life right now.

I think about how something as little as a comment can seem so minuscule at the time, but turn out to be the biggest and best thing to ever happen to you. Things certainly happen for a reason, and people come into your life on purpose.

Nate, wow. I never thought in a million years that I would be lucky enough to be a part of something as special as what we’ve got. You’ve had my back since day 1 and have dragged me through some pretty crap times, and you’ve showed me how to love myself. We’ve been through a lot together these past 8 months, and have come out un-scarred and so much stronger. To say I’m proud of that is an understatement, and that I’m proud of you.. I could go on forever about that.

I’ve love this. Every single step. Being here from the beginning and seeing not only your fandom grow, but you too, all I can say is ‘I love this.’ I’ve fought for you, and I’ve fought hard, because I believe in you and your music, and I will be here forever. Nobody will ever break this. I love everything about what had happened over these past 8 months, everything up there^ continues to bring a smile to my face. Ever since the beginning, everything has always been ‘us’ or ‘we did it’ You always made me feel included and special, and still do, and I love that about you.

So here’s to us, here’s to the past 8 months and here’s to the future. I love you, and always will. Thank you for having my back and standing by me when nobody else would, and thankyou for being you. I look forward to what’s in store for us in the near future.

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SAM HUNT | take your time (acoustic)
i don’t have to take your heart, I just wanna take your time

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Lady A Charles Kelley Strike Out ALS #icebucketchallenge


Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Nate Green


Charles Kelley of Lady A Selfie Sings! (by Veronica A)

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"Arms open wide. I’ll be your umbrella when you just can’t stand the rain"

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🎶But I swear it now, You’re brighter than that town to me🎶

🎶When you’re lying awake, You know I’m losing sleep. When I can’t hold the weight, I know you’ll carry me. When you can’t catch a break, The luck’s on me. Whenever you’re down I will build you piece by piece by piece. Piece.By piece.By piece..🎶

Uh I don’t know what to do. I hate this and I hate standing back and watching it all happen Infront of me. Not this time. Im not standing down. I can’t. And you’re either with me or you’re not. That’s up to you, but I’m not moving. They’re gonna have to go through me first. I’m done.



Yes it’s me three six


Lady Antebellum + Luke Bryan 💙

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